Status: Completed

In this program, the reservoir’s marginal slope monitoring was promoted, including details on geological-geotechnical characteristics of these regions. The works focused on areas potentially susceptible to erosion, especially in the Serra do Lajeado region near the reservoir and in the urban and peri-urban areas of Palmas and Porto Nacional.

Some activities of this BEP were developed in combination with the Hydrogeological Monitoring Program (BEP 2). With the development of this program’s actions, specific mitigation measures were indicated, which in turn were implemented in the design of other environmental programs, especially in the Reconfiguration and Improvement of Road, Electrical and Sanitary Infrastructures (PEB 15) and Coastal Range Redevelopment of Porto Nacional Programs (PEB 17).

Although the actions defined in this program finished, preventive examinations occur periodically in monitored sites and in places where slopes protection works took place. These surveys began to incorporate the routine of Plant’s operational phase.