Status: completed

Due to its peculiarities, this program was divided into two subprograms. The first one deals with an area of approximately 350 hectares, distributed in several strategic points around the reservoir and islands, with the planting of about 424 thousand seedlings of cerrado’s native species. Through the program, Investco has acquired more than 5,000 hectares of land to be used as reservoir protection areas.

The second subprogram deals with the Reservoir Protection Range Zoning, which is the Permanent Preservation Areas (PPA) region and the flood areas used for an unusual flood.

With Conama Resolution 302 of 2002, the entrepreneur was forced to elaborate an “Environmental Plan for Conservation and Use of the Artificial Reservoir Environment”. The plan was prepared and delivered to Naturatins following the Term of Reference and including various requirements and recommendations of the environmental bodies.

Currently, this plan is approved and available on Naturatins website for public consultation by those interested in the uses of the reservoir and environment.