Investco implements its Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy striving for the sustainability of the business and the society in which the company is inserted.

In addition to the energy generation for the development of Tocantins and Brazil, the company has another goal: to generate energy with social and environmental responsibility. This is a challenge for each Company’s employee.

Therefore, the company guides socio-environmental investments in the multiple uses of the reservoir and in the surrounding communities development. To this end, it supports and executes projects in partnership with government agencies, NGOs, universities and the community, always with a conscious view into the region’s socio-environmental development focused on the pillars: education, culture, environment, local development, and sport.

Community Support

 Hydroponic garden: cultivating people from social risk to citizenship 

The project aims families in social vulnerability, victims of domestic violence and former drug users of the city of Miracema, in the state of Tocantins. The program contributes to the generation of income and reintegration of former chemical dependents into society. Currently, it serves 42 poor families by offering training and creating working conditions with the hydroponic garden’s implantation, cultivation and economic management - type of agriculture in which roots are submerged in water with some nutrients without requiring soil for its development. The project is carried out by the Association Alliance for a Better Future (abbreviated in Portuguese as ALIAR) with a partnership of Investco, through the EDP Institute.

 Lajeado in Action 

The Lajeado group in Action is formed by the community of Lajeado - a city in the state of Tocantins and located near the dam. With Investco’s support, residents debate and create strategies for improvements to the municipality and community. During the meetings, the group, together with the Artisan Women’s Association of Lajeado (abbreviated in Portuguese as AMAE), organizes the cultural event Meeting of Art and Culture of Lajeado that takes place annually.


Investco employees participate in the EDP volunteer program, developing and executing projects in the surrounding communities, which benefit children, young people, the elderly, schools, shelters, and others. Volunteers make structural improvements and promote social interaction actions, contributing to improve the beneficiaries’ quality of life.

Education and Culture Support

Investco believes that education and culture are important tools for the development and maintenance of a sustainable society. Therefore, it supports and executes projects focused on these pillars.

 EDP in schools 

The program EDP in the Schools intends to contribute to improving the quality of life of students in municipal primary schools. Providing tools for the student’s learning, promoting art and energy integration, encouraging community participation in school, improving student health, and mobilizing partners for the cause of education.

EDP in the Schools works with educational institutions, promoting the delivery of school kits, in schools theater, school environment boost, cultural competitions, teacher training, oral health campaigns and awareness for the rational and safe use of electricity. The program has the support of volunteer employees, city halls, social organizations and partner companies.

 Art and Culture Meeting 

Focusing on environmental preservation, awareness and fostering local culture, the Lajeado Art and Culture meeting is held by the Lajeado Group in Action and AMAE - Artisan Women’s Association of Lajeado. The event that was on its 4th edition in 2018 holds lectures, workshops, exhibitions, shows, cultural presentations and regional gastronomy.

Sports Incentive

Investco communicates with communities by supporting sport-oriented programs and projects, which are essential means of building human values such as respect for nature, teamwork, mind and body care.

In recognition of its sports support, the Company has won the Sports Friendly Company award from the Ministry of Sports, for four consecutive years being the company that invests the most in sports in the state of Tocantins.

 Learning and Growing 

The program offers soccer and reinforcement schools for the communities of Palmas, Lajeado, and Peixe, with the interface at state and municipal schools, to monitor students’ grades and performances, to obtain better school performance and a better quality of life.

 Sports Entities 

Investco supports the holding of sporting events focused on the reservoir and its surroundings. The events contribute to encouraging the quality of life of the population, the multiple uses of the lake and environmental awareness. Among the modalities supported are swimming, triathlon, cycling, street racing, basketball, canoe racing and others.

Environmental Actions

Environmental preservation is an essential pillar for Investco, which carries out and supports activities focused on this topic. Among the actions, we can highlight the production of booklets, lectures, messages on CBN radio and planting of seedlings carried out by company employees and elementary school students.

 Water Week 

During the Water Week, several events are promoted addressing the importance of this precious asset. There are seminars, lectures, discussion cycles, educational blitz and more. The activities developed are in partnership with the State Government, City Halls, Saneatins and other interested bodies and companies.

 Environment Week 

The actions of Environment Week are related to Environmental Education for adults and children. Lectures and guided visits to the plant are held by focusing on sustainability, conscious energy consumption and preservation of water resources.

Social commitment

Investco, within its socio-environmental policy, interacts with the community by supporting several Socio-environmental Responsibility programs. Investments in the area focus on the multiple uses of the reservoir and the surrounding communities’ development.

For this, the company is a partner of an organized civil society, public managers, the private sector and educational institutions. Thanks to this position, several projects have already been successfully implemented, promoting the regional development of the surrounding community.

This commitment distinguishes the company, which imprints on the certainty of obligation and respect to the region residents.