Status: Permanent

Following CONAMA’s Resolution 10 of 1987 and No. 02 of 1996, Investco allocated a minimum percentage of 0.5% of the Plant cost for the implementation of Conservation Units.

The environmental agencies Naturatins and Ibama, through a Technical Cooperation Agreement signed with the Federal’s and State Public Ministry’s consent, directed 30% of resources to the Araguaia National Park in the Araguaia River Basin and 70% to the Lajeado State Park in the Tocantins river basin and to the Cantão State Park in the Araguaia river basin.

Investco’s actions relating to the implementation of Cantão and Lajeado State Parks have been concluded. It is in progress, as determined by the agreement with Naturatins, the transfer of funds for maintenance of the Lajeado State Park, which will extend throughout Plant’s concession period.