Status: completed

This program’s objective was to ensure, during the deforestation and clearing works, the avoidance of eutrophication processes, such as excessive nutrient accumulation in water caused by woody material decomposition.

These works occurred strategically so that animals would leave the area to be flooded while wild fauna was rescued. Strategic reservoir points were not deforested, as determined by environmental agencies, to ensure attractive areas for fish breeding.

As for deforestation work, companies were hired and the reuse of the site’s woody material, both hardwood and other ones, employed in charcoal and handicrafts productions, among other applications, was recommended.

As for the reservoir area cleaning, besides the deforestation, the demolition of improvements, the removal/use of demolished material, the debris accommodation in a way that did not pollute or obstruct the reservoir area and the neutralization of pits and sinks was performed to avoid water contamination.

With the reservoir’s deforestation and cleaning complete, after the lake filling up, it was observed that the appearance of drowned forestlands could reduce nautical recreation activities. Therefore, in agreement with the licensing agencies, an underwater cleaning plan was established that prioritized areas in front of the cities of Palmas and Porto Nacional, covering 6,500 hectares, allowing for a better use for tourism and navigation purposes.

The reservoir’s underwater cleaning work is an atypical activity in which technologies were developed to remove submerged, semi-submerged and floating woody material. The work also involves divers, special saws for underwater cutting, rafts with hydraulic winches and tugs.